It’s time for After Effects! My first animation course

The time has come to release my first After Effects class. I wanted to prepare a short course on creating, learning and completing ONE animation project at a time. The project you are doing in that class looks as follows:

After Effects animation - Line logo build

Why this approach? I don’t like 5, 6, 7 hour comprehensive knowledge cows. They are awesome if you want to learn everything in one place, but I want to offer something different to everyone who is learning with me. My approach is to learn you one technique at a time, so here we are tackling working with the pen tool to create the outline of the text you want to reveal, triming paths, adjusting shape layers, adding some style and fancy looks into the design and more fun stuff you will love in after effects. Here is another example of a gif I have prepared to showcase the work I’ve done in this class:

Godfather animation project

So there you have it, if you want to learn and have fun with this technique, watch my promo video and read a bit in the description of the course what is covered.

You can enroll in the course here for a discounted price on Udemy if you’d like:

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