My PowerPoint 2013 Crash Course went live, I’m proud!

PowerPoint 2013 Crash Course - From Beginner To Advanced

I have been publishing PowerPoint courses for a while now. I’ve covered presentation design, animation, youtube outros addressing various topics about the program, how to use it, how to present, how edit & create videos. I realized that there should be also a beginner course which would be something like an intro to my entire portfolio of courses and additionally would teach people the most important and essential things in Powerpoint taought from my perspective. So you get no fluff about where to click to create a new slide just pure, straight knowledge insides from a Powerpoint designer using the program for his work. I’m proud to have created the¬†Powerpoint 2013 Crash Course:¬†going from beginner, through intermediate to advanced tips & tricks.

If you’d like to check the course out or enroll in the class it’s very affordable with a price of $19 taking it from my website, which I believe is very fair and a great enterance into the PowerPoint design world. Click below to check it out!

PowerPoint 2013 Crash Course: From Beginner to Advanced

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